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Key Duplication

Key Duplication

One of the common reasons people order locksmith services is Key Duplication. In order to duplicate a key you need a functional copy of your key. If you don’t have a functional copy of the key, you need a key replacement service. Duplicating a key is relatively simple process, however; some car keys that have transponders need also to be programmed, which makes the process of duplication much more complicated and expensive.

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Serrurier shay locksmith can duplicate “Do Not Duplicate” keys with written consent of the owner or the person who has the authority to authorize key duplication. If you need an extra key because you have lost your key, you should to consider re-key of your locks to prevent unauthorized entry. For your security, always track copies of your keys. There are different kinds of keys that Serrurier shay locksmith can duplicate. Here are some of the key duplication services we offer: car key duplication and programming, office key duplication, residential key duplication, transponder key duplication, mailbox keys duplication, filing cabinet key duplication, “Do Not Duplicate” copies of the original key, special key designs and much more. Please call us for free estimate and consultation about key duplication.

Mul-T-lock keys (Classic)
Medeco Keys (Round Head)
Abloy (Half Moon Shape)
Assa Keys (Older Style)
Bank Keys (Flat Steel Keys)
Best Keys (A1114A, A1114B, 3D, 2D, E, G, F, H, J, K, M, R, TB, FM, Other Models)
Car Keys incl. Laser cut security keys.

All our locksmith services are mobile services in Montreal area.

We don’t have a store front.

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